Robot Hell on Earth Week Three Is Live

Hello, dearies.

Week Three of our hellish Halloween event popped into the game with Preacherbot and a Ghost Bender outfit! Week 3 will only start after you have completed the week 2 questline, “The Cost of Greed”.


Week 3’s questline starts with Robot Hell On Earth Pt. 1


These actions are both 8 hours long.

New Premium Character:

Lionel Preacherbot in Temple of Robotology for 260 Pizza


Another expensive bomb maker, the Water Bombmaker for 150 Pizza


A new outfit for Bender, Ghost Bender



A new bomb to make, the Water Bomb. Sorry it hasn’t unlocked for me so I do not know the specifics. They’ll be annoying, I am sure. Looks like we will need to combine it with a Thunderbomb for max damage to the robot snakes.



Water Bombs need 1 cork, 1 glass ball, and 1 water to make and takes 30 minutes to make 3 bombs. So actually seems easier as long as the drops go well.

New prizes in Hell’s Riches:




A new mission:

“Come Hell or High Water” is on Earth this time and is crazy looking. I’ll have a map up soon, but you have to go up the left side to start with. Minimum recommended level is 11.



I am really excited for Ghost Bender and Preacherbot! I may just part with some pizza slices to get him.

How about you? Did you finish week 2 okay? What do you think of the new goodies in the game? Let me know in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “Robot Hell on Earth Week Three Is Live

  1. I can’t finish week 2. The purple spiralscraper is only dropping a week 3 item, so I can’t make off-duty URL. Been stuck at 6/8 lighters for over three days and collecting even four hours, still no luck.

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    • This has been the most frustrating and maddening event ever with regard to these drops. You might try rebooting your device. I don’t know if it will or even can help but maybe it’ll reset the game and drop those lighters. It’s worth a shot. You might also contact support through the game and tell them how frustrated you are. You are not alone in your frustrations. Keep plugging away.

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