Mission Map “Ahead of the Game”

Hey there, fellow humans!

Isn’t this the most slow and grindy event ever?

Nevertheless, I persist in my playing and make progress.


Just stopping in today to add the mission map for the Week 2 mission, “Ahead of the Game”. Did you even notice it is shaped like the Robot Devil’s head?

RH Event Chapek 9 Ahead of the Game

Minimum suggested level for the crew is level 11. But if you  are like me and having to do the mission the long way because of the lack of drops in batteries, then I suggest level 25s, including two Robot Class and and an Influencer. Use the two robots several times each at the beginning of each battle to lower the enemy attacks to 1 Hit Point. Use the Influencer if your crew needs help.

You can tap on your crew to check their health bar at any time.

The side paths have many requirements including Billionairebot and Off-Duty URL. There are some other requirements for the paths. Just make sure before you make a turn that you can finish the path.

At the interaction in the Robot Devil’s nose, use a scientist and choose “Use science to mess it up” for a career chip.


Be very careful with your bombs. The game will let you use the wrong bomb on the wrong enemy.


So how is the event going for you? Many people are behind. Let me know in the comments below.

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