Info on Gears and Pillars


Just a quick bit of event info here for the Week 2 Hell’s Riches prize ladder of the Robot Hell on Earth Event currently making out lives a total, well, Hell.

When you get to the gears, you only are required to get the third one in order to move on in the prize ladder to the next building, the Purple Spiralscraper.


The third gear:


The other two gears:


The same thing happened with the Robot Hell Pillars. In fact, it popped me to the last pillar and I had to go back to the Dollar Sign Building.

The third pillar:


The other two pillars:



After you get the gears and the pillars from Hell’s Riches, you can get more in the store for Nixonbucks. That way you can make an actual, factual Robot Hell on Earth. 🙂



I’ll try to update this with the prices, but they are very reasonable.

I am very glad for the opportunity to get more for game cash and it will be interesting to decorate with once we get more land.

If you design with them, link it below in the comments. I would love to see them.

So what do you think of the design possibilities?


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