Robot Hell on Earth-Week Two Is Live

Hey there, fellow humans!

Week 2 of the Robot Hell on Earth event is live in the game if you have completed the main questline through Devilish Deal Pt. 9. If you have not finished that yet, when you do finish it will start up for you.


There is a lot of stuff in this week and it will take me a bit to get it all uploaded. I will update probably within the hour with more info. Meanwhile just follow on with Pt. 10 of Devilish Deal.


Be back in a bit.

New Goals:

Cost of Greed (week 2 questline)

Old Money (to recruit Billionairebot)

Prize Ladder:




Gargoyle Mystery Box 120 Pizza


New bombs:Screenshot_20171012-185246

The Thunderbomb requires 2 Batteries from Robot Moths, Calculon action, and the Thermoelectric Pelters from the prize ladder. Use Thunder Bombs on Robot Moths!


New Mission:

“Ahead of the Game”, which will unlock after The Cost of Greed Pt. 3Screenshot_20171012-185349

New Character available on the prize ladder:




To unlock Billionairebot you need:

12 Fancy Watches (Common)–Get from Thermoelectric Pelters from the prize ladder

6 Diamond Rings (Uncommon)–Collect from Traveling Caravan and Ice Cream Stand

4 Pipes (Rare)–Collect from Carnival Tent and Hard Times Casino

6 Brandy (Rare)–Collect from Billionairebot’s Mansion

New outfit available at the Outfit-O-Matic



To unlock Off-Duty URL’s outfit you need:

8 Lighters (Uncommon)–Get the Purple Spiralscraper from the prize ladder

6 Flasks (Uncommon)–Get the Dollar Sign Building on the prize Ladder

3 Pocketknife (Rare)–Collect from Carnival Tent and Hard Times Casino

6 Brandy (Rare)–Collect from Billionairebot’s Mansion


New items in the shop:

Thunder Bombmaker 150 PizzaScreenshot_20171012-184926

Ghost Calculon Outfit 16 Pizza

You must have purchased Calculon to get this outfit. Unlocks immediately.Screenshot_20171012-184933Screenshot_20171012-185927

Terrorizing Minions will continue. Use Blatherbot or the Robot Gypsy to defeat them.Screenshot_20171012-190013

I will update if I have any new information.

Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions comments or concerns, please let me know in the comments below.


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