How to Make and Use Firebombs

Howdy, there.

In our little game, New New York has been made into Robot Hell on Earth and it is devilishly fun. But as always at the beginning of events, there is some confusion about the event mechanics and what to do when.

In this post we are going to talk about Firebombs.


Firebombs are just one of several bombs we will be able to make during the event. The others are:

Thunder Bomb which unlocks on October 11 after Devilish Deal Pt.9


Water Bomb which unlocks on October 18 after the Week 2 Main questlineScreenshot_20171006-144408

The Oil Bomb which unlocks on October 25 after the Week 3 Main questlineScreenshot_20171006-144413

and the Magnet Bomb which unlocks November 1st after the Week 4 Main questline.Screenshot_20171006-144417

Firebombs are made at the Bomb Factory, the building on the left of Robot Hell with the little icon above it.




To make Firebombs, you need material.

1 Fuse–from Modern Business Building, Avenue Hotel, New New York Plaza, and the Food-O-Mat

1 Can of Gasoline–from Incubots and, in the future, Terrorized Citizens and on the Halloween space Mission, “Dead on Arrival”

1 set of Wires–from defeating Incubots running around New New York (which is a handy way of finding them)

Once you have the materials, it does take 2 hours to create them

To use the bombs in combat against Incubots, tap the firebomb icon at the top of the fight screen. Screenshot_20171007-144944

An indicator will appear so you can select which Incubot to target. Tap that and it’s bombs away.


One shot and done.


You can also go thru the mission with some high level characters and just whittle the Incubot down. It does take a lot of time, but it is doable. Take some Influencers and Robots so you can use their healing and protection capabilities, but if they are high levels, they’ll survive.


You can also go back to New New York and leave your crew in space while you do other tasks, clear building or build more bombs.

To do that tap the skyline icon in the top right of the map screen or tap the bomb icon on the left by the crew list, in this shot it is beside Scruffy.


If you tap the bomb icon:Screenshot_20171007-154257

If you tap the Skyline icon, which is always available:Screenshot_20171007-154304

Well that’s all I have about the bombs for now. I am actually building some more of those buildings to help me with fuses. That seems to be my holdup.

So how are you doing in the event so far? Let me know in the comments below.


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