The Sticker Book of Fun is Here!

Hey there, FWOT gamers!

A wonderful new way to earn free pizza has been added to our games: Completion Rewards in the form of a sticker book.


The Sticker Book of Fun was added, and just by getting certain characters, you complete sets and earn free pizza.


As you see above, when we finally get Zoidberg, (What about Zoidberg?) we’ll complete this set and get 100 Pizza!

That is awesome!



You can access your sticker book anytime through the settings panel.


It does look a little different from the notification pop-up, and has tabs separating the categories on the left.


I am only missing Leo and Inez Wong, Nibbler and Zoidberg. Hopefully they will be coming SOON! I’m wondering where in the sticker book is H.G. Blob

So what do you think about the Sticker Book of Fun? Let me know in the comments below.



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