Borax Kid event is Live

Well, the newest event just popped up. I am going to have to update this post with more info tomorrow, but for now I will put some screenshots in here for you guys.

I have updated this post with unlock info for the new characters and links about the podcast episode of Futurama coming on September 14th.


New Missions on the Moon:

Gunslinger requires Fry


Wild Moon West- complete GunslingerScreenshot_20170907-222129

Straight Shot- complete Wild Moon WestScreenshot_20170907-222132

Main event questline:


New outfit for Bender, Ramblin’ Rodriguez.




To unlock Ramblin’ Rodriguez you need:

3 Nano Plastic Cartridge (Common)– from Technology Lab

4 Resonator Guitars (Uncommon)– from T.G.I. Folky’s

6 Steel Driving Hammers (Rare)– from The Rusty Rail

9 Harmonicas (Rare)– from Kif, Fry, Bender and Crushinator 4 hour actions


New buildings:

TGI Folky’s


Technology LabScreenshot_20170907-220415

Aldrin’s Gulch HotelScreenshot_20170907-220424

11-Worth Variable-Security PrisonScreenshot_20170907-220436


New characters:

Crushinator 200PizzaScreenshot_20170907-220340

The Borax Kid in the Rusty NailScreenshot_20170907-220345

To unlock the Borax Kid you need:

1 Clamp’s Clamp (Always)– from the Mission Straight Shot

4 String Ties (Uncommon)– from Aldrin’s Gulch Hotel

1 Ramblin’ Rodriguez Play for Tips

1 Build the 11-Worth Variable-Security Prison

12 Borax Flakes (Rare)– from URL, Kif and Crushinator actions

Event Currency packs:Screenshot_20170907-220443Screenshot_20170907-220450Screenshot_20170907-220455

Event decor that costs Nixonbucks:

Hay Bales



Water TowerScreenshot_20170907-220506


Amy, the Professor and Scruffy have a 4 hr task to create bullets which you then use in the Gunslinger Moon Mission to get Tombstones. Use the Tombstones to buy the event buildings.Screenshot_20170907-220624


We also have a little tie in to a new Futurama radio episode exclusively at the Nerdist. The Boronburg Mystery Box is free and you can open it once a day for a free item related to the podcast episode. More info about the new podcast episode here. Find the countdown timer here.Screenshot_20170907-222640Screenshot_20170907-222653Screenshot_20170907-222657Screenshot_20170907-222703Screenshot_20170907-222707Screenshot_20170911-195012Screenshot_20170907-222728



It looks like we’ll also get Clamps at some time during this event.

So it looks like another nice little event with some great items and the Crushinator. What do you all think of it so far?

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