All My Circuits Limited Time Event

Hello there. We already have a new little event in our game, just one day after the end of the invasion. I see lots of great stuff in this one.

I have added info on the unlock requirements for Boxy and Monique.


As it says above, this little event ends on September 6th at 3 pm PDT. Very similar to the Space Bee and George Takei Event, you will run missions on the Moon Moon to collect Memory Chips which your characters will use to do tasks to turn them into Scripts. Scripts are what you need to purchase event items. You will also get Boxy Robot with scripts and he will change Scripts into Film Reels which you need to get Monique.

Perfectly clear, right?

New Characters:

Boxy in Pink Skyscraper


To unlock Boxy you need:

30 Scripts

Robot Chapel Mortuary–costs 12 scripts

Robo Fresh Billboard–costs 10 scripts

Monique in Pyramid Tower


To unlock Monique you need:

24 Film Reels— Get from Boxy action, 100% on the two event missions, and Calculon action

1 Filmer’s Choice Camera— Costs 1 Film Reel

Eye of New New York –Costs 12 Film Reels

 Central Park Pond –Costs 100 Scripts


Shakespeare Calculon


According to the FAQ, there is supposed to be a bundle deal of Calculon and his outfit, but I do not see it in the store yet. I am sure they will add it when they can. Or maybe it is locked until I have some Film Reels. We’ll see.


New Buildings:

Anonyco Sponsor Building


Robot Chapel Mortuary


Eye of New New York


New Decorations:

Wedding Trellis


Robo Fresh Billboard


Filmer’s Choice Camera


Human Friend (npc)


Antonio Calculon, Jr.


Central Park Pond


Tanning Butter Billboard


Various New Flowers


New Missions:


Just keep following the main questline, run the missions to the Moon and send your characters on those tasks to make scripts.

So what do you think of this latest event? Let me know below.

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