Maximum Damage Week 4 Challenge

Well hello there.

As expected, a new weekly challenge popped up in the game yesterday.


This one is very clear cut. Defeat 8 each of the Omicronian Guards, Ships and Dogs in the time allotted and you will get the Green 70s Guitarist. Since that will be the last challenge of this event, if you completed all the challenges, you will also be awarded the grand prize, the 70s Singer.


They have also added a couple items in the event store to spend your extra weed on.

Randy’s Donuts for 400 343102028383256578


Omicronian Mothership 6000 343102028383256578 (and boy is this ship huge)


Just remember to finish fighting Lrrr, get Ndnd, and unlock or buy anything else you wish before the event ends promptly at 3 pm PDT on August 30th.


I should finish my last battle with Lrr to get the final crowns I need for Ndnd tonight. I should finish up the weekly challenge early tomorrow.

So how are you all doing in the event? What did you like and not like? Let me know in the comments below.


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