Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes Back Week 4

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow today. Another week’s content has dropped into our virtual New New York’s and we have new character to unlock, a premium skin and Lrrr, ruler of Omicron Persei 8.. Sounds like lots of fun!


New characters include Lrrr. He is the first prize on the new ladder and costs 6000 343102028383256578 and he requires no unlocking.


Ndnd costs 1350 343102028383256578


The Omicronian Castle earns 127 343102028383256578 and 127 Icon_Experienceevery 18 hours.

To Unlock Ndnd you need:

15 Space yarn (Always)- From Type M Planet Mission “Ndnd Hath Much Fury”
210 Crowns (Common)-Get From defeating Lrrr
12 Frying Pans (Rare)-Get from Lrrr action, and the 29th Century Antiques and Red Block Building from the prize ladder
9991 Omicronian Weed-Get from Birds, Guards, Hounds and buildings

Other new prizes on the prize ladder are:
29th Century Antiques for 3100 343102028383256578
Red Block Building for 2300 343102028383256578
Leaning Tower of Pisa for 5000 343102028383256578
New Decorations include:
Small Omicronian Ship for 2000 343102028383256578
Fishy Joe’s Billboard 800 343102028383256578
Also available is the Bone Sucker Mystery box for 150Pizza
Prizes possible:
Mr. Peppy
Statue of Lrrrbrty
Statue of Ndnd
Poppler Pit
8 Health Packs
 Full Fuel Refills
4 Peta Career Chip
The odds are not great on these mystery boxes.

There are also a couple new mission on a new planet located near Omicron Persei 8, the type M planet. The new missions are “Bachelor Party” and “Ndnd Hath Much Fury”.


The new main storyline is “Return of the Earthicans”. Keep following the questline and collecting those dropping to unlock Ndnd by the end of the event. Remember, unlock it all or it will be gone.

How is the event going for you? Are you liking the event and the prizes. I am enjoying the dialogue. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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