Critical Strike Week 3

Well hello there.

As expected, a new Critical Strike challenge popped up in the game last night. I apologize for this not being up, but I was traveling to see the total eclipse.

When I first saw this one, I was like no way am I going to get this one, but it really isn’t as hard as I first thought.


Now if you don’t have Mutant Dwayne yet, you need him at least several hours before the timer runs out. His task to attack Omicronian Hounds is only 30 minutes and I have leveled him to 13 so he only needs to attack twice to defeat a hound. He is the only character I have to attack hounds, and I just got him Tuesday morning, but I see no problem with getting the prize this time.


The 70s Drummer is the prize this week. Soon, we will have the whole band.

So, what do you think of the challenges and their prizes? Have you gotten Mutant Dwayne yet? Let me know how you are doing in the comments.


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