Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes Back Week 3

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow today. Another week’s content has dropped into our virtual New New York’s and we have new characters to unlock, a premium skin and more Omicronian decorations than you can blast with a blaster. Sounds like lots of fun!



New characters include Mutant Dwayne and his shanty shack for 3000 343102028383256578.

Shack earns 71 343102028383256578 and 71 Icon_Experienceevery 10 hours.

To Unlock Mutant Dwayne you need:

50 Mutagenic Sludge (Always) – Get from defeating Lrrr

15 Big Mutant Boy Burgers (Common)-– URL, Bender, and Leg Mutant actions

6 Discarded Philosophy Books (Uncommon)- Scruffy and The Professor actions, and Beige Block Building from the prize track

6 Guitars (Rare)- Fry Action and Tex 1138 Building from the prize track


Vyolet and the Sewer Boiler for 8000 343102028383256578 .

To Unlock Vyolet you will need:

80 Mutagenic Sludge (Always) – Get from defeating Lrrr

6 Wedding Veils (Always)- Fighting Omicronian Hounds

4 Cigarettes (Rare)- Hattie action and the Sphinx from the prize track

3 Barbie Dolls (Rare)- The White House Building from the prize track

Have Mecha-Hermes Robolimbo


Lee Lemon outfit for Leela is available for 220 Pizza


All three of these can fight Omicronian Hounds.

There are new prize on the prize ladder

Sandcastle 300 343102028383256578 limit 1


Mutant Dwayne and the Shanty Shack 3000 343102028383256578


Tex 1138 for 1700 343102028383256578









There are also a couple new mission on a new planet located near Omicron Persei 8, the type M planet. The new missions are “Popplerama” and “Unguarded”.Screenshot_20170819-002344

Just keep following the Main questline for this week, “Trrrbl in Paradise”, and keep fighting Lrrr, his hounds, ships and guards.

What do you think of this weeks content? Have you bought Lee Lemon yet? Let me kow what you think in the comments.


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