Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes Back Week 2

Welcome back. Sorry for no current updates as some real life happened. Anyhoo. Week 2 content has dropped into our New New York’s and here is the skinny on it.


Week 2 has brought us new characters, decos, and a new prize ladder. Keep reading for more info.


New characters include Malfunctioning Eddie in Horseshoe Tower. Tower earns 57 343102028383256578 and 57 xp.

To Unlock Malfunctioning Eddie you need:

6 Bow Ties (Common)-Get from fighting guards

5 Insane Deals (Uncommon)-Get from Scruffy admiring the showroom and from Horseshoe Tower


5 Meditation Books (Rare)- Get from Kif and Public Restroom on the prize track

4 Spare Parts (Rare)-Get from the Professor, Fry, Bender and from the Ultimate Robot Fighting League which is an item that is in the Omicronian Box of Mystery.

Mecha-Hermes outfit to craft.


To craft Mecha-Hermes you need:

4 Laser Eyes (Common)-Get from defeating Omicromian Ships

Robo Claws (Uncommon)-Get from Kif and the URFL Ring from the prize ladder

4 Encouragement Drills (Rare)- Get from the Ultimate Robot Fighting League in the box of mystery, and from Mount Rushmore from the prize ladder.

1 Hammer Arm (Epic)-Get from Hattie McDoogal.

and 5000 343102028383256578

And a new premium character that helps with the event, Destructor for 215 Pizza


All three are able to fight the new Omicronian Ships that have appeared in our cities. When you defeat an Omicronian ship, it has a chance to drop laser eyes that you need to craft the Mecha-Hermes outfit.


We are still fighting the Omicronian Guards and they now have a chance to drop bow-ties, which you need for Malfunctioning Eddie.


Their are new prizes to get with your Omicronian Weed.

White House Podium 800 343102028383256578


Malfunctioning Eddie 2200 343102028383256578


Public Restroom 1450 343102028383256578


URFL Ring 2500 343102028383256578


Mount Rushmore 3300 343102028383256578


New Decorations

Easter Island Head 300 343102028383256578


There is a limited time offer for 975 free Omicronian weed with a $4.99 Pizza purchase.


The Omicronian Box of Mystery is available for 125 pizza. You will get one of the prizes listed for the box. There is no way to choose one which you get.


Available in the box are:

Omicronian Weed Clinic


Ultimate Robot Fighting League


The Clearcutter


The Foreigner


The Chainsmoker


URFL Billboard


5 Health Pack


5 Revive Pack


2 Peta Career Chip Pack


There are three new missions to do on the Omicronian Mothership. They are “Curfew Breakers”, “Bare Knuckle Shooting”, and “Head Palpitations”. The main event questline Hard Bargains will prompt you to complete these missions. The last one is not available until you have Malfunctioning Eddie.

Well, that’s all for now. I will post the maps for the missions soon. Just keep running those missions for 343102028383256578 and follow that main questline. I am working on Malfunctioning Eddie first.

I am really enjoying the dialog and everything seems like it is going smoothly now that the bugs have been fixed. So what do you think of the next part of the event?


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