Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes Back Main Questline Week 2

Hello, there. I thought I would post the main questline for week 2 of the event. This is not the complete questline, it is just up to where I have gotten.

Hard Bargains Pt. 1
Lrrr sends his UFOs.
Omicronian Ships are Invading!
Complete Curfew Breakers
Hard Bargains Pt.2
Professor requests backup.
Place the White House Podium
Have Professor Drink 15-Hour Energy 4hr 10 343102028383256578  60 xp
Hard Bargains Pt.3
Lrrr declares a curfew.
Have Bender Break Curfew 6 hr 14 343102028383256578 85 xp
Build Horseshoe Tower (had already built) costs 2200 ow
Hard Bargains Pt.4
Nixon makes a deal.
Have Bachelor Fry Take a Hobo Nap 6hr 14 343102028383256578 85 xp
Have Amy Eavesdrop 5 hr 12 343102028383256578 73 xp
Defeat 15 Omicronian Birds
I will update this as I can.
How are you doing on the event? Have any problems or questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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