Episode 1 Questline The Anti-Omicron Force

Welcome back to another quick walkthrough of a questline from Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes Back. In this post we will cover a very short questline, The Anti-Omicron Force.

The Anti-Omicron Force Pt. 1
Lrrr builds his likeness
Have Bachelor Fry Distract His Coworkers 2hr
Build Omicron Vet Clinic
Complete the Mission “Cease and Resist”
The Anti-Omicron Force Pt. 2
Fry starts recruiting.
Place Omicronian Statue of Liberty
Have Bender Incite a Riot 6 hr
The Anti-Omicron Force Pt.3
Hattie hits the books.
Have Hattie Do Intensive Research 1 hr
Told you it was short. So how is the event going for you? Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Stay shiny my friends.

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