Episode 1 Questline Slacktivism

Welcome to another quick walkthrough from Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes back. We’ll be covering Free Waterfall Jr’s questline, Slacktivism.Screenshot_20170811-180432

Slacktivism Pt.1
Free Waterfall Jr. comes back to life.
Have Free Waterfall Jr. Live Freely 1 hr
Have the Professor Look Up the Life-Death Continuum 3hr
Slacktivism Pt. 2
Free Waterfall Jr. does some yoga.
Have Free Waterfall Jr. Stretch It Out 3hr
Have Amy Do a Pose 5 hr
Slacktivism Pt.3
Free Waterfall Jr. smokes in protest.
Free Waterfall Jr. Smoke and Toke 4hr
Have URL Beat Perps Senseless 2hr
Slacktivism Pt.4
Free Waterfall Jr. goes against the police.
Have Free Waterfall Jr. Fight Police Brutality 6 hr
Have Bender Show Apathy 2 hr
Slacktivism Pt.5
Free Waterfall Jr. does not eat meat.
.Have Free Waterfall Jr. Protest for Animal Rights 8 hr
I really like having him in my New New York. His visual task to live freely is awesome and he throws peace signs at the enemies in battles.
I also really like that he hits Omicronian Guards over the head with his peace sign. Too funny.
So what do you all think about Free Waterfall Jr. and his questline?
Let me know in the comments below.


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