Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes Back Main Questline Week 1

Welcome back! Here is the main questline for week one of the first FWOT event, Episode 1 Lrrr Stikes Back.


Invasion Nation Pt. 1
Lrrr invades Earth
Check Out the Invasion Site
Learn About the Invasion
Invasion Nation Pt. 2
Omicronian birds wreak havoc.
Learn About Omicronian Birds
Clear 6 Omicronian Birds
Invasion Nation Pt. 3
The Assimilation Begins
Check Out the Omicronian Palace
Get 280 Omicronian Weed
Place the s42 Parking garage
Invasion Nation Pt. 4
New New York is terrorized.
Have Amy Curse in Chinese 8 hr
Have the Professor Shop For Bargain Life Insurance Policies 8 hr
Complete the Mission “Space Invaders”
Invasion Nation Pt.5
Place Omicronian Hut 
Have Bender Bend Girders 2 hr 65 nb 40 xp
Clear 15 Omicronian Birds
Invasion Nation Pt.6
Fry goes on the run.
Attack an Omicronian Guard
Have Bachelor Fry Act Suspicious 4 hr
Build the Mutual of Omicron
Invasion Nation Pt.7
The crew fights back.
Get Bachelor Fry to Level 5
Clear 1 Omicronian Guard
Complete the Mission “Omicronian Assault”
That’s it for this questline. Thanks for stopping by.

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