First Event is Live: Episode 1 Lrrr Strikes Back

Well, hello, dearies. Welcome to the first big event in the game.  The Omicronians are invading so what does that mean for our towns.


This  is going to take some time. I will update this post with info as I can add.

First, players must have unlocked Central Park to play this event.

Second, there are several different bugs in the game right now. Hopefully they will get them fixed, as most of this event is interdependent.

Third, the event ends on August 30th 2017. You must completely unlock the items or they will be gone for good.


New Characters:

FWJrFree Waterfall, Jr.: 180 Pizza, Fights Omicronian Guards.

Hattie McDoogalHattie McDoogal: 50 Omicronian Weed, Comes with her house, House earns 15 xp and 8 Omicronian Weed every 60 minutes. She helps with fighting guards.

To Unlock Hattie you need:

25 Family Photos (Always)-Get from Omicronian Missions “Omicronian Assault” and “Cease and Resist”

9 Cremated Ashes (Always)-Get from fighting guards

12 Cats(Uncommon)- Get from Bender, The Professor and Amy

8 Cat-sized Purses (Rare)-Get from Kif and the Omicronian Vet Clinic from the prize track

1 Omicronian Statue of Liberty– Get from the prize track. This means you must finish the prize track or no Hattie for you.

Bachelor Fry OutfitBachelor Fry Outfit: Fights Omicronian Guards

To create this outfit you need:

600 Omicronian Weed (Always)- Get from clearing Omicronian Birds

40 Sitcoms on VHS (Always)- Get from Omicronian Space missions “Space Invaders”,”Omicronian Assault”, and “Cease and Resist”.

15 Dirty Socks (Common)- Get from Scruffy, Fry and the Omicronian Parking Garage (chance

45 Bones of Ted Danson (Uncommon)-Clear more Omicronian Birds

6 Ancient Coins (Rare)-Get from Bender and Mutual of Omicron from the prize track


New Buildings:

s24 Parking Garage- Prize 1, 310  343102028383256578 Omicronian Weed

Mutual of Omicron Prize 3Mutual of Omicron-Prize 3, 1310 343102028383256578  Omicronian Weed

Om Vet Clinic Prize 4Omicron Vet Clinic-Prize 4, 2200 343102028383256578 Omicronian Weed

Om Weed BluehouseOmicronian Weed Bluehouse

Om Weed FarmOmicronian Weed Farm

Hattie McDoogal’s House- See above comes with Hattie McDoogal

Big BenBig Ben

New Decorations:

Om Hut Prize 2Omicronian Hut-Prize 2, 550  343102028383256578 Omicronian Weed

Om Statue of Liberty Prize 5Omicronian Statue of Liberty- Prize 5, 4100 343102028383256578  Omicronian Weed

Free Popplers MascotFree Popplers Mascot

Orangutan LeelaOrangutan Leela

Monument Beach ArchMonument Beach Arch

New Goals:

Invasion Nation

Perfect Disguise

Death by 1000 Omicronians


New Missions:

Space Invaders

Omicron Mothership 1 Space Invaders.jpg

Omicronian Assault

Cease and Resist

More info coming. Just follow the main prize track which is the icon with Lrrr on it. What do you think of the event so far?



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