Space Bee Event Questline Busy as a Bee

Well, hello, dearies.

Recently we had a little weekend update in the game that brought us Bee Bender. As with all characters, Bee Bender has a little questline.screenshot_20170812-133513.png

Busy as a Bee Pt. 1
Bender voices his displeasure.
Have Bee Bender Do the Bee Dance
Busy as a Bee Pt. 2
Bender sells some honey.
Have Bee Bender Sell Honey 4 hr
Have Amy Attend Social Event 8 hr
Busy as a Bee Pt. 3
Bender is ridiculed.
Have Bee Bender Hang Out at the Hive 6 hr
Have Fry Buy Retro Junk 4 hr
Busy as a Bee Pt. 4
Bender tries to be cultured.
Have Bee Bender Admire the Work of Pablo Bee-caso 1 hr
Have Bender Take Off Head and Spin It

Part 1
Bee Bender: How am I supposed to defend myself in this bee outfit? I can’t even reach the Uzi in my chest compartment.

Fry: Wasn’t the Professor going to put a mechanical stinger on the back and fill it with venom?

Bee Bender: Pfft. There wasn’t even enough venom in that thing to hospitalize Zoidberg! Fortunately, it injured him pretty badly when I broke it off in him.

Fry: I don’t think that costume looks bad.

Bee Bender: I didn’t say it didn’t look good. Everything looks good on me ’cause I’ve got natural robot style.

Bee Bender: I mean I could put on YOUR outfit and make it look good.

Fry: Wow!
Part 2
Bee Bender: I figured out a use for this stupid bee costume. I’m gonna sell my own honey!

Amy: But you’re not actually a bee. How are you going to make honey?

Bee Bender: The traditional way. Mix mustard and glue, then cut it to street quality with lots of cheap store-bought honey.

Bee Bender: Stuff it in bear-shaped bottles, hawk it to rubes on Fifth Avenue, and I am one rich beevestite.

Amy: How’s the honey business going?

Bee Bender: Pretty good. Did you know honey could be fatal to infants?

Part 3
URL: Bender, you look like a damn fool.

Bee Bender: You take that back.

URL: Okay. You ARE a damn fool, but you look great.

Bee Bender:Apology accepted.

Bee Bender: You’ll regret the day you made fun of me.

URL: I doubt it man, I don’t regret makin’ fun of anybody, including my mama.

Bee Bender: I didn’t say you’d regret making fun of me, I said you’d regret the DAY you made fun of me. Probably for some other reason.

Bee Bender: Also, I hear your mama is fat.

Part 4
Bee Bender: Bee suit or not, I have to remind you losers how great I am.
Fry: Why do you care what other people think?
Bee Bender: Because I’m a very caring robot. That’s what makes me so beloved by you losers.

Bee Bender: Attention please! I, Bender, have visited a museum, and am, therefore, more cultured than everybody here.
Fry: Sounds like you enjoyed the artwork.
Bee Bender: Not only did I enjoy it, I also stole it.
Bee Bender: This is why public funding for the arts is so important.


And that’s it for Bee Bender’s questline.

What are your thoughts on Bee Bender? Were you able to get him? Tell me what YOU think of Bee Bender below.

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