Limited Time Missions-Bee Bender and Almost Famous

Hi, again. A very late update popped into the game last night, containing two limited time events.

The first is Almost Famous, which is a mission on Mars to collect Influencer career chips. This is available until 8/1 at 3pm PDT.



The screen specifically says use them to upgrade Bee Bender, which you can get in the other limited time event, Space Bee Weekend.


There are a couple of missions on Omicron Persei 8 for Bee Bender. The first you will run the different paths every three hours so you can collect the pollen along the paths and in the battles. The second mission is for when you unlock Been Bender. I haven’t done that yet, so I don’t have a map.

Here is the map for “Hexagon Hunting”:LT BBender small

If you have been leveling Bender up, these bees should bee no problem. This is a crazy map, amiright?

As soon as I get Bee Bender I will update with the other mission map, “Journey to the Center of the Hive”.

“Almost Famous” is the limited time mission on Mars for influencer chips. I will have to update when I get the map for this one as my people are doing actions. It is very similar to the chip map from the last limited time event, Entry Level Experience. I am not bothering with that one until I get Bee Bender.


Here is the questline:


1m task for the Professor.


Do a run through “Hexagon Hunting, and both of these will be complete.


Once you collect the pollen from the Hexagon Hunting mission, you send certain characters to use them to make Honey. I believe the first time here, it only let four people make honey. Now you need 50 Honey to make the Bee Bender outfit at the Outfit-O-Matic.

Once you have Bee Bender you can infiltrate the space bee hive.


I believe this is completely achievable, except for the harder parts of the influencer chip mission, as long as you have been leveling your crew up, and check in every 3 hours.

So, what do you think of Bee Bender and an influencer chip mission? Are you excited, or not?

Stay shiny!


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