Character Class Information

Hi there. Here’s a little information on the classes of characters in the game.

List of classes

Delivery Boy class is indicated by the Seafoam color Cap symbol. DB’s attack one enemy at a time and their special ability is a mega attack that guarantees a critical hit.
Robot class is indicated by the blue Robot Head symbol. They specialize in defense. Their special ability is to raise the defense of their fellow crew.

Scientist class is indicated by the red Molecule symbol. Scientist’s attack multiple enemies at one time. Their special ability is a stronger version of their area attack.
Influencer class is indicated by the Briefcase symbol. They have a lower attack power but their special ability is to heal your crew during combat.
Captain class is indicated by the golden Badge symbol. They have great attack power and their special ability is to raise the attack power of their allies.
There will be another class of characters coming, the Villain class.
I do not have any information on this class. I will update when I can.
Class Max level Hp Attack Defense Speed
Delivery Boy 25 3190 296 76 28
Robot 25 3405 250 83 26
Scientist 25 2890 227 76 27
Influencer 25 2804 167 68 27
Captain 25 2976 341 68 27

I don’t know about you, but the battles are new to me. I never played a game that had those before, but here is what I have learned.

Pick your crew to fit the battle. The higher the level the better. Use their special abilities at the appropriate time. It can mean the difference in winning or forfeiting in the harder missions.
Also make sure to be re-doing those missions to get all the career chips and Hypnotons you need.
I have just unlocked Hermes and am working on Burglar Bender. How are you doing in the game? What level have you gotten to? Any tips or info you can share? Please let me know in the comments.
See you soon.

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