George Takei Questline Oh My!

Well, hello, dearies.

Recently we had a little weekend update in the game that brought us George Takei. As with all characters, he has a little questline.


Oh My! Pt. 1
George Takei beings tour planning.
Have George Takei Play Fry’s Holophoner
Oh My! Pt. 2
George Takei uses social media.
Have George Takei Use Twitcher 4 hr
Have Amy Attend Social Event 8 hr
Oh My! Pt. 3
George Takei looks for old footage.
Have George Takei Search for Old Star Trek Tapes 4 hr
Have Fry Buy Retro Junk 4 hr
Oh My! Pt. 4
George Takei finds a venue.
Have George Takei Look for a new Venue 8 hr
Have Bender Take off Head and Spin It
Part 1
Fry: What are you gonna do while you’re here?

Takei: I’m planning a personal appearance tour, to bask in the adoration of my billions of fans.

Fry: That could be risky. They may love you onscreen and online for free, but they may no want to pay to see more of you. Trust me, I know.

Fry: I wish I could play the Holophoner that well. You must have had years of practice.

Takei: I’ve never played the Holophoner in my life. I’m just naturally great at everything I try. I know nothing about soccer, yet I led the Takei City Bandits to victory by scoring every goal in the World Cup final. Now let me tell you about my line of fine men’s cologne.

Part 2

Takei: I’ll need to reach as many people as I can to publicize my tour.

Amy: I can help you spread the word through social media. But we’ll need to take some sexy selfies.

Takei: I don’t think I know how to do that… Ha! Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?! Let me just put a few strategic rips in my shirt…

Amy: Glawsome! Our latest post just got 500,000 likes on Twitcher.

Takei: I’m George Takei, Amy. Normally I get 500,000 likes just for scratching my ass. I think the Wong-Takei double-selfie format is dragging me down.

Amy: But I was as nude as I could get!

Part 3
Takei: For my live appearance, I want to show some clips of me in my youth. So I’ll need to find some old tapes.

Fry: But those tapes were banned from Earth, remember?

Takei: Oh, I’m sure I can find them somewhere. But do you think I’ll get in trouble for screening them?

Fry: Eh. You’ll be fine as long as they don’t show you doing anything crazy. Like fencing shirtless, or building a plexiglass whale tank.

Takei: Uh oh.

Takei: The vital tapes have been located and I’m ready for my first live performance. I sure hope it goes well.

Fry: They’ll love you. Just do what I do whenever I appear before a live audience… Silently present a bouquet of flowers to my retiring elementary school teacher and run offstage.
Part 4
Bender: So you need a venue for your show, right? I got two available: a roomy theater and Fry’s bedroom. Either one’ll cost you $2000.

Takei: I’ll go with the roomy theater.

Bender: Great. Just remember: when it’s too late to find another place, the theater will suddenly become unavailable and you’ll have to use the bedroom. It’s called “the old Bend and Switch.” By me anyway.

Fry: Everyone loved your show, Mr. Takei. It was a standing-room-only crowd!

Takei: In your bedroom, that doesn’t mean much.

Fry: Don’t sell yourself short. When Bender booked the Rolling Stones in there, the place was barely half full.

So that’s it for George. Did you all manage to get George? What do you think of him? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay shiny!

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