Weekend Update–George Takei Experience

Hiya! A new weekend event is live in the game. The George Takei Experience is live through July 20th at 3pm PDT. Unlock George fully before then, or he will be gone.


A new character is available for a limited time, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Head for 300 Pizza.Screenshot_20170714-182510

Once you have George Takei, you will have to unlock him by collecting the following:

TOS Tapes –Collect from the Do It For Sulu Mission on Mars

Tranya–Collect from Scruffy, Bender, or the Professor’s action “Ordering Some Tranya”. You must have O’Zorgnax’s Bar

Autographed Headshots–Collect from 7^11, the Food-O-Mat, and the premium building the Church of Trek

and Phasers Collect from Fry “Buy Retro Junk “, Kif “Leave Flowers for Amy”, and Neil deGrasse Tyson “Observe the Universe”

Complete the two space missions “George of the Space Jungle” and “Takei With a Vengeance” to win a gold statue of George Takei.

Here is the map for the mission “Do It for Sulu”. You need Fry and Amy. One route needs a Level 12 scientist and another needs a Level 7 scientist.

Do it for Sulu

Just follow the main storyline “Takei or Leave it” so you can unlock George.

I will update this post with the other mission maps as I get access to them.

Good luck and keep looking up.



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