Available Buildings

Hello all. Just dropping in to put up some info about buildings available in Worlds of Tomorrow. There are several buildings you can build multiples of and others are locked until you reach a certain point in the questlines. As I get information, I will update this post.

Planet Express


Earns 3 NB 2 XP every 30 Seconds

Finds Professor Farnsworth

O’Zorgnax’s Pub


Earns 4 NB 3 XP every 60 seconds

Finds Amy Wong

Robot Arms Apartments



Earns 50 NB 35 XP every 3 hours

Finds Bender Bending Rodriguez

Metro House of Opera (Free Daily Log in Prize day five)FWOT early buildings_0005_Layer 5

Comes with Hedonismbot

Scruffy in Electric Ladyland

FWOT Decor Items_0007_Layer 12

Nixon & Agnew in Watergate Hotel (Limited Time Offer)


Calculon in Box Network

FWOT Decor Items_0000_Layer 19

Hyper Chicken in Earth Supreme Court

FWOT Decor Items_0004_Layer 15

Kif in Cavern on the Green

FWOT Decor Items_0001_Layer 18

URL in NNYPD Precinct

FWOT Decor Items_0008_Layer 11

Smitty in Diamonds are Forever

FWOT Decor Items_0009_Layer 10

Hermes in Central Beaurocracy


FWOT Decor Items_0002_Layer 17

Zoidberg in Dumpster

FWOT Decor Items_0003_Layer 16

Leela in Leela’s Apartment

FWOT Decor Items_0005_Layer 14

Leg Mutant in Hacking Jack’s Fine Smokables

FWOT Decor Items_0018_Layer 1

The Hip Joint

FWOT early buildings_0001_Layer 9


FWOT early buildings_0000_Layer 4

Suicide Booth

FWOT early buildings_0001_Layer 3


Rook Takes Pawnshop

FWOT early buildings_0002_Layer 2


Finds Scruffy Scruffington

Avenue Hotel

FWOT Decor Items_0000_Layer 33

2nd building costs 6,250

Guadalajara Brown Drip Gourmet Coffee

FWOT Decor Items_0001_Layer 32

Modest Business Building

FWOT Decor Items_0002_Layer 31

2nd building costs 7,500

Malfunctioning Eddie’s

FWOT early buildings_0003_Layer 7


FWOT Decor Items_0003_Layer 30

City Tower

FWOT Decor Items_0004_Layer 29

Applied Cryogenics

FWOT Decor Items_0005_Layer 28

150 Pizza

Church of Trek

FWOT Decor Items_0006_Layer 27

100 Pizza

Loew’s Aleph-Null-Plex

FWOT Decor Items_0007_Layer 26

150 Pizza

Satellite Building

FWOT Decor Items_0008_Layer 25

2nd building costs 6,600


FWOT Decor Items_0009_Layer 24

Panucci’s Pizza

FWOT early buildings_0006_Layer 4


Skyscraper Center

FWOT Decor Items_0011_Layer 22

2nd building costs 11,300

New New York Plaza

FWOT Decor Items_0012_Layer 21

2nd building costs 5,500

Sparky’s Den

FWOT Decor Items_0013_Layer 20

Power Strip

FWOT early buildings_0007_Layer 3


FWOT early buildings_0008_Layer 2


Alien Overlord & Taylor

FWOT Decor Items_0016_Layer 17

Giorgio Armonster–Clothing Store

FWOT Decor Items_0017_Layer 16

Amy’s Apartment

FWOT Decor Items_0018_Layer 15

Le Spa

FWOT Decor Items_0019_Layer 14

Family Brothers Pizza

FWOT Decor Items_0020_Layer 13

Fishy Joe’s

FWOT Decor Items_0021_Layer 12

NNY Dumbbell Club Gym

FWOT Decor Items_0022_Layer 11

Big Apple Bank

FWOT Decor Items_0023_Layer 10

Parts ‘n’ Crafts Spacecraft Market

FWOT Decor Items_0024_Layer 9

NNY Public Library

FWOT Decor Items_0025_Layer 8

Elzar’s Fine Cuisine

FWOT Decor Items_0026_Layer 7

Rocket Skating Rink



Crack Mansion



Famous Original Ray’s Superior Court

FWOT Decor Items_0029_Layer 4

Dinkin’ Donuts

FWOT Decor Items_0030_Layer 3

Museum of Really Modern Art

FWOT Decor Items_0031_Layer 2

Historic 20th Century Apartments

FWOT Decor Items_0032_Layer 1

Joe’s Ark Pet Store (Limited Time Animal Instincts Weekend Event)

FWOT early buildings_0009_Layer 1



I will update this as I learn more.

Stay shiny!

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