Animal Instincts Weekend Update

Just a quick note to let you know a little about the weekend update. This weekend update has brought us the opportunity to complete a special mission to Omicron Persei 8 called “Animal Instincts” to collect lizards.. Have your influencer and robot characters package lizards in groups to trade in for special characters. If you get them all, you can get the Pimparoo animated decoration.


Animal Instinct Info

Are you going to try out this weekend update? I am going to try, but I only have one influencer, Scruffy. I hopefully will have Golden Bender tonight. That will give me two and I’ll see how it goes. I’m not gonna stress over it, but I want at least the owl.

If I get any more info, I will put up a post.

The Influencer and Robot class characters can Box lizards. They are:


Robot Fry

Gold Bender


Nightlife Amy



Hyper Chicken

Influencers can turn 7 exotic lizards into 2 boxes while robots can turn 3 lizards into 1 box.

Stay shiny!






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