Leveling Up Characters

Leveling your characters has changed a little bit. The info in this post are the basics and will do until level 10. Please see this post for info on the new ranking system.


Hellooo, everybody! i

Just quick post that I will update as I get more information.

In Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow, you have to level your characters up to unlock access to new buildings and new actions.

On the main screen, tap the icon that look like head and shoulders in the bottom right corner. This will open a screen showing the characters you have and what level they are.  Here I have selected the Professor.


Now tap “Next”.


This is pretty easy to understand. You earn the chips by going on space missions. You earn different chips from different mission, and I think they are based on who you send on the mission, but I am not sure. I will update when I get more info.

You need red chips for scientists like Amy and the Professor. The dark green chips in the 40cp, 25 cp, and 10 cp are used for everyone.



Below shows Robot Fry’s Career Chips. His are bright blue for Robots and he has some dark green ones that are for all. You really can’t go wrong on this as the colors of the chips match the icon for the different designations to the left of the character’s name in this screen. Just remember the chips that match the icon are only for that designation and the rest are for all and once you use them they are not available for anyone else as they are the same chips. Also, for example, all scientists only have the same chips available to them to level up. If you have two scientists to level up, they will both need some of them.


The chips cost the same amount of Nixonbucks no matter which character they are for. The row with the character icon that says cp tells you how many more chips you need to get to the next level. Above, Robot Fry needs 295 more chips to reach 305 and turn level 7. You can use any combination of chips, but the character specific ones help the character the most . Keep an eye on the stats for HP (Hit Points), Attack, Defense, and speed as different levels affect those stats.

Once you  choose the chips, hit level up and that amount of Nixonbucks will be deducted from your game cash and they will level up.


Above, Robot Fry has been leveled up to level 8. Any new actions that level unlocked show on the left side.

Hope this information has been clear. Have you been leveling up your characters? You really should.

Stay shiny!



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