Loading Blurbs

Our new game has some very amusing  bits that fill the loading bar as the game loads. I have been collecting them. Please let me know any I have missed so I can add them to the list.

Now tappable for your pleasure
Turn off airplane mode.  turn on Horsecart mode
Tentacle tapping prohibited
Not to be confused with the Futurawa game
No animators were harmed in the making of this app
Synchronized for your protection
If device explodes, stop playing
Silence your face
From the makers of Schrödinger’s app
Robot tested, cyborg approved
Lick screen for extra flavor points
Written by 50 monkeys on 50 typewripers (yes it appears to be a misspelling)
To reset game, drop device on floor and stomp
Spellcheck in progresss (this misspelling appears to be on purpose)
In case of fire, swipe right
Please silence your face

They make me laugh every time. Again, let me know any others you have seen.

Stay shiny, everyone.

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