Main Interface

This is an overview of the main screen of the game.


In the top left is your XP planet. This will tell you how far you need to go until the next level. I actually don’t like that there is no actual number, just the circle.

Next is your Pizza slices, which is the premium currency. You will earn some Pizza from finishing goals and space missions.

The cash icon is Nixonbucks, the freemium currency. Each level can only have so much Nixonbucks.

The blue icon indicates Hypnotons, another currency in the game that is earned from doing space missions. I believe that is the only way to get them.

On the left side are the goals or quests you are working on right now. If you tap each one, it will tell you what you need to do next. There is no option to hide these at this time.

The Planet Express ship icon is your fuel storage. Your dark matter fuel refills over time and the icon shows how much storage you have and how long till the next fill up will happen. You can also buy dark matter fuel. If you tap it, it will take you to the space missions available to you.

The four way arrow is the move tool, where you can move buildings and turn them.

The gear is your settings.


In here, you will find settings for music and sound effects and a language option. The inventory is also in here which I thought was odd.  At least there is one. The support option gets you game info, troubleshooting, known issues and contact support options. You can always connect your game to Facebook and add friends. This is currently the only way to add friends.

On the bottom right, the icon that looks like a person, takes you to the level up menu.


You can choose a character and level them up using career chips which you get from completing space missions. Your characters need to be certain levels before certain jobs open up and in order to complete goals.

The cash register icon takes you to the store where you can buy characters, buildings and decor for your city.

This has been a quick overview of the interface. Let me know what you think of it and if I missed anything.

Stay shiny!






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