The World of Tomorrow currently has two currencies. The in-game free option is Nixonbucks. The premium option is Pizza Slices. You can earn Pizza in the game for free by completing certain tasks and watching advertisements, there is an option to purchase Pizza using real world cash. You may also purchase Nixonbucks with real world cash, but there is no reason to do that, ever. Don’t do it.
Here are the prices for packages of Pizza:
Here are the prices for Nixonbucks. Again, don’t do it, ever.
These are the prices set by TinyCo in the United States. You may see a different rate based on where you are. There are taxes and fees imposed by App Stores  in many countries. The prices above are the base prices. Any above that are from your countries app store.
All purchases are made in the App through either Google Play or the IOS Apple Store.

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